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Goodbye, PINK Bathroom


Well, almost. Yes, this was at the same time as our kitchen was being pulled apart, and yes, also the same time our main-level bathroom was being removed.


We extended our stay in our temporary rental to be able to dive deep into the new house project. We wanted to be able to get a lot done in the new house quickly, as well as avoid subjecting our little ones to the chaos. The extra time allowed us to focus on keeping the remodel on task, and in the end helped us stay on budget, too. When possible, I highly recomend taking this approach. Your contractor (and sanity) will thank you.


Many of you will say, "Are you crazy for getting rid of that pink tile?!" We only removed the wall behind the sink for a quick update, as that portion was in the worst condition and couldn't be saved. As for the rest, we will live with it and see if we can make it work. It's not in the finest condition, but we'll work hard to make it work for us!


I hope you enjoy the photos below! We are having a blast updating this home. It takes a lot of patience, yet it's satisfying to make your house a home!

Here are five tips we have learned over the years, and a couple learned from bathroom project:


1. We couldn't afford to replace the entire bathroom, so a quick refresh met both our timing AND our financial needs! Suzanne used a paint that is especially made for tile in the main area, which was a great quick-fix option. It dries smooth and you have to look very close to see it is painted tile. I wouldn't recommend this in the shower area, so we left the shower the original pink. It works nicely together!


2. Do you have pink tile that you are keeping? Go with a calm color like we did to make everything seem a bit more restrained. Stick to just a few colors and let the pink pop.


3. Work with what you got. It might not be your dream-come-true vanity, but it fits the space and your lifestyle. This unit was from a big-box store and had a nice marble top, good storage, and most importantly, fit the space. Which leads me to the next tip...


4. Measure, measure, MEASURE! We had a small area for the vanity to fit into , and I am glad we measured precisely how big we would go. It saved us time and trips to the store!


5. Don't be afraid of adding furniture. While we have ample storage in the closet, we added a smaller bookcase to help stow away all of the things that clutter the space of a 5-person bathroom. But be sure to measure, and find something that is both durable for a damp space and easy to keep clean for daily use!

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