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Since 2000 I have been helping Sellers and Buyer's of all walks of life in and around the Twin Cities Metro area and learned early on that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach for selling and buying homes.


I may not be the top-selling agent for MN but I take pride in knowing that the people I have helped continue to nominate me as a MN Super Agent year after year!  Only 6% of all agents in the state of MN are given this award.  


In life, timing is everything. In real estate, timing is everything...and then some! For example: It isn’t uncommon that the list price of your home can fluctuate by tens of thousands of dollars within just a few weeks — yikes. But price isn’t everything: How fast can you move? How about your new home, are there any contingencies? An open, honest relationship helps us meet your goals. Over 90% of my clients are repeat and referral. So, not only am I someone they trust, they know I’ll take time and care to understand the needs of their friends and family.


Sometimes it’s a Saturday afternoon clean-up. Other times it’s paint and new carpet on the stairs, and there are times when it is construction-related updates like a new roof! Staging includes anything and everything that will get your house ready to go online, onto the MLS. These first two steps always go in the order of, well, steps one and two! A staged home, quite frankly, will sell better. I will always be honest as how your home will be best shown and perceived by potential buyers. 


After we get your house ready for it’s big photo shoot, we start marketing. How successful your home sells relies heavily on those first impressions online! I have a sophisticated marketing program that finds the right potential audience at the right time, and ensures that it shows up in the most online searches as possible, as well as utilizing my networking groups both online and off. If OK with you, I will introduce myself to your neighbors and often times host open-house style gatherings with pie and coffee, which draw great crowds while creating buzz for your home. The neighbors can really help us sell your home!


In the same way that you have objectives to your sale, the buyer (hopefully) has had a similar conversation with their realtor. This bears heavily on how we can have a successful negotiation! I take time to ensure these conversations are clear, and utilize a team of people to keep things rolling, such as a transaction coordinator and my assistant. Sometimes, negotiations take weeks and most every time they'll weigh heavily on your stress levels! It's OK, I work hard to keep this easy on you and your family.


Let's talk about what makes a Kim Eckert Home stand out


Pick up some extra boxes to store items from your kitchen that you don't use on a daily basis and put in basement or garage and then leave an I empty space in cabinet below to quickly stow-away the everyday items on your kitchen counter that you may not want to leave out during a showing!  This trick works well for cluttered bathroom vanities with kids.


With an admitted soft-spot for first time buyers, I take great pride in being empathetic and educated guide for whatever phase of life you're in.  I do my best to point out features or lack there of to make sure this home will fit the way you live and what's to come in the future.  I'm patient and will never rush you into making a decision as huge as this. I pride myself in being very responsive during the hunt for a home, timing is everything!  In a nutshell I have helped single downtown condo buyers, newlyweds, divorced couples, baby-boomers downsize, and move-up buyers, new construction, investments, and many out of state buyer's who have purchased before seeing the home in person based on my detailed communications and real time tours of home with them.  My background in being a real estate investor, a landlord.

The yin to your yang:

Taking the time to find out what you want and really need

Critical Thinker:

Investigate the house and ensure you're falling in love with the right pad

Tactful Transactions:

Negotiating is more than figuring out the right price


Offer within 2 days

6% over asking price in less than a week


Through networking with other agents sold before listing on MLS for 4% over asking price


$7K over asking price in less than 1 day on market by networking with neighbors


Check out many home styles, even the ones you don't typically like. Being a guest in someone's house vs. seeing it as your own sure changes the perspective, and you'll be able to say you investigated everything as you are getting more confident in your home decision. I can't tell you how many times a buyer tells me to avoid a certain style, and then they end up buying that in the end :-)


How long are you planning to stay in the home? I ask my buyers to ask themselves this question as there are SO many factors to consider when purchasing a home. Knowing the future plans is beneficial in helping make the right purchase! It sure helps put things into the proper perspective.


How long are you planning to stay in the home? I ask buyers this question as there are SO many factors to consider when purchasing a home, and knowing your future plan sure helps put things into the proper perspective.


4 offers in 2 days

4% over asking price in less than a week

Is now the right time?

Well, let's figure that out! I'm happy to help you weigh the pros and cons. Contact me and we'll grab a coffee to chat. Talk to you soon!

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