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How about more love?

The more I think about love, the more I think about how much it's needed right now

I have been so busy the first months of 2017. With a new baby, 3 boys with what seems to be boundless energy, and a yucky cold that won't seem to go away, it's been a say the least. It's also made me think about how much I've love working with all of you. We've encountered — together — one of the most stressful times you can do in your life; moving!

I can't help but think about how much tension and anger is out in the world right now, too. With the changes in government, there are certainly a heckuva lot of people that need love, maybe more than ever. So many heart-breaking stories are in our newsfeeds and I gotta say, we need to rally on a mission for more love.

People love their pets, their jobs and their families. You love your car, your favorite band, and you love your kitchen. We love our experiences, and sometimes we just gotta share more love.

So, here I am confessing my great love for all of you! Let's band together and make ourselves stronger in 2017 and beyond. Start with some love, and bring out all the hugs on Tuesday. I'd love to hear about how each of you are going to celebrate the day, and I challenge you to share MORE love with MORE people, not only on tell me, are you with me?!?

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