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Many Sellers are in the same position that you are...’how can we sell this house and find our next one?’

I get it.

This can be a scary and overwhelming thought - but that is where I come in. Let me show you how we can this accomplish this together without adding stress to your family or to your life.

One thing I know for sure: the time to sell a house will never be better than it is right now - and for good reasons:

1) You will sell your house quickly for top dollar for the least amount of life interruptions. Most houses are selling within 1 to 3 days. Think of how wonderful that is - especially if you have kids or pets and are trying to keep the house picked up and clean. SOLD in a day or a weekend!

2) You will most likely receive multiple offers, which means getting top dollar. Even though getting top dollar is important, what may be even more important is finding the buyer who is willing to wait 3 or 4 months for you to find your next home. With multiple offers we have the option to have this flexibility! Come summer the amount of buyers will be down, eliminating this luxury that Sellers have right now!

3) I solely concentrate on Selling your house and getting you the best terms that fit your needs. In addition to that I have a dedicated Buyers’ Agent on my team who works equally hard to find that next home for you while I'm focusing on selling your house.

4) In this market working with a Real Estate Team is a must. In this way you are not working around my busy schedule and waiting to see a home. With two agents we are working around your schedule, not the other way around, and teaming up to be available when it's most convenient for you and your family.

5) The extra money you likely will make on the sale of your house will be extra money you can put down on your next home… or buy new furniture... or pay off some bills! Taking advantage of this sellers’ market is a great opportunity for you.

Instead of meeting at your home, why don't we schedule a time to meet next week at my office? I can show you how Sellers are making this market work in their favor and being grateful they didn't wait to list and sell their house.

None of our clients have gone all seems to work itself out! Please allow me to show you the benefits of Selling and Buying and to answer all of your questions. I want the best for you and I can show you how!

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