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So long, pink bathroom!

Here we are again about a year later and saying goodbye to more wonderful pink tile. It was time...she had started to buckle.

Taking down tile from the 1940's is challenging with mesh wiring melded into cement on top of lathe and plaster! Not fun to demo, so this time we hired it out.

As with any remodeling project, we hit a bump: the old wall/tile was much thicker then today's materials, so we had to call in another guy to fur out the walls to match up where they once were. Then the tile guy pointed out that we did not take the old wall down back far did not match up with the opposite side, so had to have Doug back out to demolish more wall and fur that out!

We are now just starting to see tile go up today - on June 14th - and this project started June 2nd. We're hoping it will be done by this weekend! Neighbors have been kind in offering up their showers for us!

Just know that remodeling projects rarely go as planned. Oh well, looking on the bright side, it's summer and the boys are in the water so they are fairly clean. As for us, not so much...thinking it's time to go visit Grandma's for a nice warm shower!

Stayed tuned for the final pictures!


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