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Benefits of being a Firefighter

Firefighters’ job keeps them always in front of danger. Aside from accidents and fire incidents, firefighters are also trained for natural calamities and extreme violence. Being a #firefighter is hard and there are too many consequences to face. They sacrifice their personal lives in exchange for a chance to save lives.

For these reasons, they are more than deserving of the benefits that were given together with their uniform and duty. And these are some of the benefits of being a firefighter: Personal Benefits As a firefighter, comes the huge physical and mental exhaustion. But firefighters are proud of their job, having the chance to save lives and to help people in hard times is pretty rewarding. Staying in their station for a long time builds #camaraderie and deep brotherhood. And most of them enjoy their schedule of a couple of days of straight duty followed by some days off in between. Mental Benefits Firefighters are trained to perform their tasks during extreme scenarios showing outstanding #mentaltoughness. This type of training can also help firefighters when it comes to their personal decisions and actions. Physical Benefits Firefighters are required to have a strong body. They are trained physically to endure and develop the strength needed to save lives. Career Benefits Having one of the most dangerous jobs, firefighters are also entitled to a lot of benefits. They are given some access to some insurance and retirement programs. Firefighters also have access to government loans like VA loans and #USDA loans. Other programs like Homes for Heroes give special services to firefighters who want to buy or sell their houses. They give discounts and assistance for the whole process. HFH gives their own trusted realtors to assist firefighters with a quick and easy transaction.

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