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EMS Home Loans

EMS is always ready to rescue and save lives. They are considered modern heroes that are giving their all every day for our safety. So it's time to give back.

Introducing the EMS loans that are tailor-made for EMS workers & #paramedics. Why do you need this kind of loan (EMS loan)? Because it is less complicated and was designed to help EMS workers. Traditional loans are more complicated. You may end up on a mortgage program that has high maintenance. That's why I highly suggest learning all possible loans that can help you in buying your first or next home. These are the EMS Home Loans that may help you get the home of your choice. Different Types of EMS Home Loans

Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes can help you to make home-buying much easier by pairing you with their real estate agents and loan professionals, they guide you into the whole process of home buying and they can give discounts via Hero Rewards.

HFH understands that your job is already complicated, so they want you to experience a hustle-free home buying process.

VA Loans

This type of loan may be advantageous to those ex-military EMS workers. #VAloans are given to active, reserve, and retired military personnel. As this loan is being monitored, and supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A loan that is given, or supported by any government agency usually has no down payments with low-interest rates. This can also help you to avoid any private mortgage insurance.

FHA Loans

Though this loan program is being given by the Federal Housing Administration, it’s not a government-funded loan. Private mortgage lenders are still the ones who will give you the actual monetary loan, #FHA is only giving loan insurance.

They usually only require 3-5% of the down payment if you happen to pass the screening process. This is a huge help rather than going to conventional lenders that require up to 20% of the down payment.

USDA Loans

Usually, #EMS staffs work and live within rural communities. #USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) has a program promoting population growth in rural counties and they give a special loan for it.

Same as every other government-funded loan, they don’t require a down payment, has a lower interest rate, and have less mortgage insurance.

A Quick Wrap Up!

Before deciding on borrowing money from any lenders, or taking any loan. Study all available types of loans for you so you won’t end up on a nightmare program. Know the ins and outs of every option, and decide on which is the most beneficial for you. Happy Hunting!

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