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Best lighting to sell?

Selling your house and wondering what are the best light bulbs to use? Below is what professional stager’s use.

Best lighting to sell?

  • “Warm White” bulbs are around 3000k and are ideal for home staging in nearly every interior room of the home. LEDs in this range cast a bright light that is still slightly warm, yet fairly neutral, allowing your home’s true colors to shine through and giving you the most consistent results on your MLS photos.

  • “Natural Light” and “Daylight” bulbs can range from 4000K to 6000K and look rather blue. These cooler temperature bulbs usually don’t work well for home staging or residential use, as they’re rather unflattering to skin tones and cast a more sterile, cold light). Daylight bulbs are best used in retail displays, security lighting, work places or garages. Avoid using these bulbs when staging your home or photographing MLS photos.

Hope you found this helpful, call, text or email me for more helpful tips on getting your house ready for sale!

Kim Eckert of KimEckertHomes.Com

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