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VA LOAN for Military Personnel

Serving the country by joining the #military is such a noble deed. They risk their lives to protect and maintain the order of the nation. They leave their own families for a long time to fulfill their duty.

Our #Veterans and Active Military members overcome difficulties and sacrifices to stand by their #oath. Because of these struggles brought by their duty to the country, our nation is paying them back with many deserving benefits like exclusive discounts on certain services, educational plans for their children, and house/loan assistance. What is VA Loan or Veterans Affairs Loan? It is a loan backed up by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. It is not issued by the government but rather guaranteed, for this reason, banks are comfortable giving this loan. They are taking less risk with VA loans in comparison with conventional loans. Most of the granted VA loans have zero down payment and with looser credit standards. How to get VA loans? First, you need to fill out some paperwork at the VA that will verify your admissibility to the mortgage program. You will also receive your #entitlement, this is the amount guaranteed on your VA loan. After finishing and getting those, there’s a great chance for you to get a #zero #down #payment #mortgage. Some banks/lenders are willing to give you up to 4x your entitled amount. Requirements You need to obtain a VA Certificate of Eligibility or COE to prove that you are either of the following: - You are currently active on the military roster. - You are a veteran with an honorary dismissal and finished the minimum years of service. - You have at least 90 consecutive active days of #wartime or at least 101 days during #peacetime. - If your spouse died in the line of duty, you may also qualify for a #VAloan. Additional: HFH Benefits Aside from the benefits of using a VA loan, Homes for Heroes are granting active/veteran military personnel some additional home buying discounts as well as home buying/selling assistance. HFH has a point system that can cut a huge amount on the selling price. They are also willing to give you an assistance service from their trusted realtors for the whole buying or selling process.


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